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There are a few natural home remedies we can take to protect and prevent swine flu. Natural therapies have no side effects, unlike drugs and vaccines, and are good for our overall health. Here are four natural remedies for swine flu or other influenza:


1. Be sure to get enough Vitamin D and Vitamin C daily. Sunlight exposure is the most important source of Vitamin D, as well as dairy products, but many people will need to take a supplement to get enough. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and is important for good immune system function. Vitamin C is good to prevent and treat infections. It's easy to get enough Vitamin C each day by consuming citrus fruits and juices.

2. Oil of Oregano is an extract from wild oregano plants, and has two compounds which may have positive effects on harmful bacteria. It's a natural antiviral and antibacterial. It's important to be sure the oil of oregano you buy is derived from Origanum Vulgare, and that the carvacrol concentration is at least 70%.

3. Liquid zeolite is another natural remedy. This tasteless, odorless and colorless liquid has no side effects and is safe for all ages. Liquid zeolite removes heavy metals and toxins from the body, and by doing so allows our immune system to do the job it is meant to do, keep us in optimum health. Just a few drops a day is all that is needed for detox.

4. Echinacea is an important herb used to treat different influenza and is also a natural swine flu prevention. It works by treating infections and increasing the body's resistance against bacteria. It is only meant for short term use.

Also it's important to avoid sugar. Sugar depresses the immune system, and because of this we can be more susceptible to swine flu and other illnesses. Sugar is present in so many prepared foods and in things we wouldn't necessarily suspect, so it's always pluton ott good to read labels, and avoid processed food as much as we can anyway.

So those are a few simple natural remedies to help protect ourselves and our families from swine flu. I mentioned sugar because although it's not one of the remedies, it's very important to our overall health. When I visited a naturopath a few years ago for chronic infections, this is one of the first things she told me.

Mesotherapy, in a very broad sense, is a technique where various substances are injected to improve neurological, musculoskeletal, and/or cosmetic problems. Most commonly, however, mesotherapy "meso treatment" is a cosmetic treatment targeting the destruction of adipose fat cells. Meso treatments employ injections of a variety of vitamins, extracts, and medications into the subcutaneous fat to cause lipolysis or a breaking apart of fat cells. This "fat melting," in theory, results in a reduction in the amount of fat one has in the area targeted. Unlike exercise and dieting which only reduce the size of the fat cells meso treatments actually dissolve the fat cells being attacked.

Usually multiple sessions of mesotherapy treatments are necessary to show any significant benefits. Some doctors say 15 or more sessions are needed to achieve the desired effect. Results vary tremendously as one patient said she had lost one inch of girth in her knee area after going through only two treatments. Each session is to dissolve more and more fat tissue. To reach more fat cells some subsequent treatments may require the use of longer and longer needles to penetrate deeper and deeper into the fat and achieve better results.

Meso treatment sessions range in price greatly depending on the treatment facility. There have been quotes of $200 to $600 per session. There is also more variety depending on the clininc and the geographic region. Many times mesotherapy clinics will also offer other cosmetic surgery procedures such as laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, and botox injections.

The substances used depends on what the doctor thinks would be best for the patient. There are many different substances used in meso treatments and there are even more combinations considering the varying levels of each. Perhaps the most common ingredients are Procaine, Isoproteranol, and Aminophylline. Some doctors prescribe arnica and essential fatty acid use at home to help the skin and supplement the treatments. Many substances, including the three common ones above, are not FDA approved for injection. This is called "off label" use and is fairly common in some medical procedures.

As with any medical procedure there are potential side-effects. Possible side effects are minor swelling typically lasting up to a week, some soreness for several days, light-headedness has been reported by some patients, burning for up to a half hour immediately following treatment, temporary minor discoloration of the skin, and, as with any injection, there is a risk of infection. This procedure has not been used widely for very long leaving no knowledge of long-term side effects.

The jury seems to still be out on whether or not meso treatments are effective for reduction of cellulite. Many patients and clinics have claimed outstanding results with mesotherapy. There have been few clinical trials, but there are studies stating there is no clinically significant benefits. Another consideration, of course, is different people react to different medications and treatments differently. There are many pros and cons to mesotherapy treatments and the results seem to vary greatly.